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Lex – Compensation Claims Law Firm Beata Jarzyna, LP, began operating on the market of legal services in 2009. From the outset our top priority has always been to provide the effective professional legal assistance for victims, aimed at obtaining the full and highest compensation for the damage suffered.
The aim of our activities is your satisfaction and convenience. We also want to ensure that you are protected from additional unpleasant consequences in the case of burdensome personal participation in the proceedings against the perpetrator’s insurer. These objectives are achieved, in particular, through a fair individual approach to the customer, as well as the care of their private interests. Due to the nature of the issues, we attach great importance to the respect for privacy and we understand the difficult situation the person has been put in as a result of the occurrence. For this reason, our actions at each stage of the case are in accordance with professional ethics and the principles of social coexistence.
Our firm specializes in providing broadly defined legal services to persons:

Prior to the beginning of our cooperation designed to initiate legal proceedings for damages against the insurer, we conduct professional, comprehensive analysis of your case and, which is equally important, it is free of charge. For a holistic approach to the case, when a situation requires that, we sometimes commission certifying physicians of various specializations to carry out the assessment of permanent health impairment/bodily injury.

We provide comprehensive legal support at each stage of compensation proceedings: filing an insurance claim, claims adjustments, settlements of the case, and finally bringing the case to court against the insurer or the perpetrator.

Our Customers can count on the full information about the status of their case, which is given on a regular basis using the fastest and most convenient forms of communication agreed with the Customers.

We support:

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