Our wide experience and career aspirations, as well as a sincere commitment to Customers’ issues are of the highest value to us. In our work we value the trust of our Principals and their satisfaction with the results of the collaboration. Therefore we seek to continuously expand our expertise and professional qualifications. The fact that the matters of our Customers are dealt with solely by specialized lawyers can guarantee the quality of our services.

  • Judicial Department
    • Paweł Ralski – Legal Counsel
    • Piotr Liwosz – Legal Counsel
    • Justyna Podkańska – Legal Counsel
    • Katarzyna Greczaniuk-Gromadzka – Legal Counsel
    • Piotr Krajewski – Attorney At Law
    • Natalia Kurowska – Junior Clerk Of the Legal Counsel
    • Anna Koprowska – Junior Clerk Of the Legal Counsel
  • Legal Department Office
    • Ewa Kluska – Head of the Legal Department Office
    • Anna Kwiatek – Clerk Of the Legal Department
    • Anna Antończyk – Clerk Of the Legal Department
    • Alicja Niewitała – Clerk Of the Legal Department
  • Customer Service Department
    • Grzegorz Piskorz – Sales Director
    • Jaglarz Monika – Customer Service Coordinator
    • Barbara Michniak – Customer Service Consultant
    • Katarzyna Góralczyk-Galewska – Customer Service Consultant
    • Grażyna Grotomirska – Customer Service Consultant
    • Teresa Gądek – Customer Service Consultant
    • Krzysztof Michniak – Customer Service Consultant
    • Marzena Matusik – Customer Service Consultant
    • Jolanta Ledkiewicz – Customer Service Consultant
    • Małgorzata Michniak – Customer Service Consultant
    • Elżbieta Grabowska – Customer Service Consultant
    • Ewa Kozłowska – Customer Service Consultant
    • Jadwiga Szczęsna – Customer Service Consultant
    • Janusz Kucharczyk – Customer Service Consultant
    • Jakub Kądzioła – Customer Service Consultant

    • Agnieszka Kamola – Regional Compensation Director
    • Jacek Kamola – Regional Compensation Manager
    • Tomasz Żebrowski – Regional Compensation Manager
    • Sebastian Matuszak – Regional Compensation Manager
    • Mariusz Zawiłło – Regional Compensation Manager
    • Krystyna Karpińska – Compensation Manager
    • Andrzej Hrabia – Compensation Manager
    • Rafał Bulek – Compensation Manager
    • Górecki Paweł – Compensation Consultant
    • Krasowski Bartosz – Compensation Consultant
    • Wojciech Biłan – Compensation Consultant
    • Książek Renata – Compensation Consultant
    • Biernacki Cezary – Compensation Consultant
    • Kozera Zbigniew – Compensation Consultant
    • Przemysław Holik – Compensation Consultant
    • Bożena Kędziora – Compensation Consultant
    • Robert Kurdziel – Compensation Consultant
    • Jerzy Lewalski – Compensation Consultant
    • Kamil Łakomy – Compensation Consultant
    • Gabriela Nawieśniak – Compensation Consultant
    • Andrzej Orczykowski – Compensation Consultant
    • Katarzyna Pawela – Compensation Consultant
    • Tomasz Polakowski – Compensation Consultant
    • Stanisław Zaborowski – Compensation Consultant
    • Rafał Zembala – Compensation Consultant
    • Alicja Zielińska – Compensation Consultant
  • Office
    • Sylwia Pieńkowska
    • Katarzyna Wójcik
    • Kinga Faliszewska – Intern/Secretary

Piotr Krajewski – Attorney at Law

Piotr Krajewski is a graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, a former employee of the Regional Public Prosecutor’s Office – Kraków Śródmieście and several financial institutions. He worked as a lawyer in Cracow Brokerage House at Copernicus Institute. He is an expert on the security of electronic transactions at the Polish Bank Association. He was President of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) Poland, a division of the ACFE USA. He has many years of experience in the investigation of business cases, providing legal services to financial and non-financial institutions. He has over 10 years of experience and knowledge of the security of financial institutions, commercial companies, compliance, capital markets and IT. He served as Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Director of the Security Department at BPH Bank, and COO at Pekao SA Bank, supervising teams responsible for combating money laundering, information security, prevention of fraud and conducting investigation. He specializes in the following areas:

  • Criminal Law, particularly in economic crime and financial crime in business entities
  • Conducting investigation and audits in business entities
  • Preventing the marketing of property derived from illegal or undisclosed sources (money laundering)
  • Business security – designing and evaluating solutions to reduce financial losses
  • Reputational risks and risks of losses related to dishonest customers and employees
  • Security of IT systems, procedures, solutions, standards, investigation and security auditing
  • Business Law, particularly banking and public trading
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Compliance issues, confidential information and compliance with the regulations in business entities.

Paweł Ralski – Legal Counsel

Paweł Ralski graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. The subject of his thesis was related to the issues of international public law – “International recognition and realization of the right of nations to self-determination”. He completed his legal training at the Regional Chamber of Legal Counsels in Cracow. He has been providing legal services to businesses and individual clients since 2004. He is particularly interested in such issues as civil procedures, Commercial Law, Family and International Law. He speaks fluent English.

Piotr Liwosz – Legal Counsel

Piotr Liwosz is a graduate of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. He defended his theses on the issues of Labour Law and unemployment on the Faculty of Political Science and the Faculty of Law and Administration. He worked as an apprentice in the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, as well as cooperated with law firms and solicitors gaining experience necessary in his profession. For many years he provided training on the subject of legal and practical aspects of combating unemployment for NGOs. He is currently writing his PhD thesis, which is a continuation of the issues of his Master’s degree. He speaks fluent English and German. He specializes in Labour Law and Civil Law.
Publications (*titles translated):

  • “Job Clubs in Poland”, the section of “Career counselling in a situation of social and economic transformation in the XXI century”, edited by Mariola Weber (Olsztyn 2011)
  • “Forms of state intervention in the labour market”, published in the volume “Studies in the field of Labour Law and social policy”, edited by Andrzej Świątkowski (Cracow 2011)
  • “Business trip across the country – selected issues”, published in the volume “Studies in the field of Labour Law and social policy”, edited by Andrzej Świątkowski (Cracow 2012)

Marcelina Stolarska – Legal Counsel

Marcelina Stolarska graduated with honours from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow in 2010, defending a thesis entitled: “The issue of the ban reformationis in peius in administrative proceedings in the view of art. 139, Code of Administrative Proceedings”. She received a scholarship from Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona and participated in post-graduate studies in the field of Banking Law at the Jagiellonian University. She is currently a PhD student of the Law and Administration Faculty of the Jagiellonian University under the academic supervision of Prof. Jan Zimmermann, PhD. Since 2011 she has been the Legal Counsel Trainee at the Regional Chamber of Legal Counsels in Cracow. She is particularly interested in administrative proceedings, court and administrative proceedings, Civil Law and proceedings, Criminal Law. She speaks English and Spanish (including legal Spanish).

Bartosz Matusiak – Legal Counsel

Bartosz Matusiak graduated with honours from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia in Katowice in 2009. He defended his thesis “The principle of equality in the American Election Law” under the academic supervision of Full Prof. Ryszard M. Małajny, PhD at the Department of Constitutional Law. He began his Legal Counsel Training at the Regional Chamber of Legal Counsels in Katowice in 2010 and then moved to the Regional Chamber of Legal Counsels in Cracow. He gained his experience during his year’s work in the Office of Legal Counsels in Częstochowa. He is particularly interested in Civil Law and proceedings, Criminal Law and proceedings; he specializes in the Family Law and misdemeanour cases. He speaks English.